Drapes - Lined | Sheer

There are many styles of lined and sheer drapes with interesting headings that we can create a unique look for your room around your own individual style.






Lined drapes are a great option to dress up a formal area or to provide maximum block-out in your bedroom. 

They are a very versatile medium to cover your windows and can be made with various headings creating different looks and hanging styles and can also be hung from differnet headings, see below for options.

Lined Drapes
Sheer Drapes

Sheer drapes are often used beneath lined drapes to filter light and provide privacy when the lined drapes are open during the day.


Fabrics are getting better all the time, hence increasingly sheer drapes are being used as the main covering for your windows with a blockout roller blind beneath them.

Decorator Rods & Tracks

Decorator Rods & Tracks can complete the look of your lined drapes or sheers by decorating the point from which they hang from. 

They come in many finishes and can be customised to suit any price range and setting, contemporary or classical.


Swags and tails add formality to traditional and period style homes, and with  the addition of beautiful trims there are no boundaries to the look you wish to achieve.

Swags & Tails

Pelmets have the ability to dress up a window in a room where it needs a little more character, and with the wide range of shapes and coordinate fabrics that are available for you to choose from you can express your own very individual style.

Tie Backs

Tie backs and hold backs are both functional and decorative, they are used to hold lined drapes and sheer drapes when open creating a beautiful curved shape to the way they hang when open